Giclée ( pronounced zhee-clay) is a print or multiple copy of an original work of art that was created by conventional means (painting, drawing, etc.) and then reproduced digitally via inkjet printing methods. The image is scanned into the printer by a high quality scanner. The paper used is high quality archival paper. The ink used is laboratory tested and is expected by following good preservation practices to last up to 100 years. The giclee is printed using a high resolution printer.

Cornell University Legal Information Institute refers to US CODE section 101 and 102 “which defines a work of visual art” as a painting, drawing, print, or sculpture, existing in a single work or in a limited edition of 200 copies or fewer that are signed and consecutively numbered by the artist. The work must also meet the standards for copyright protection. I have paraphrased this information. To read the whole report do a Google search on the internet for Legal Information Institute Cornel University

I am an artist. I am not a lawyer. I am trying to give you a quality lasting product. It is a condition of this sale that you research and understand what a Giclee is and what it is not.

Jack Duganne coined the name giclee for inkjet prints as an analogous term to “serigraph” in reference to inkjet technology in which inkjet nozzles spray ink onto paper.

I use digital technology to achieve the very best image I can. What matters to me is how successfully I have realized my vision and what that image means to your particular soul.





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